Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Royal Visit

I am thrilled to have a little visitor this week. Well! I hope it was this week she arrived but I'm very afraid she may have spent last week shut in my pokey little mail box all dark and crowded with post while I was away. Anyway she came out smiling and wasn't sulky or princessy at all.
This is Flat Princess and she has flown all the way from Canada where she had been staying with Pea for a while. You can read all about her world travels here.

Tonight she came with me to the Patch where she helped a couple of the ladies pin a quilt.

Then she admired some of the quilts on display.

Here Jean is showing her the hand work Teena, Beatrice and Barb were doing.

While she is here I'll be showing her around for a few weeks so pop back here to see what she gets up to.
Who knows where she's off to next? If you'd like her to visit you just drop me a line and I'll book her ticket.

It'll Soon Be Spring

I bought myself some Daffys yesterday. They certainly cheered up my kitchen and the money I spent goes towards fundraising for Cancer research. Flat Princess totally agrees that it was a good idea.

Tuesday Treasure

Time for a little break from quilting. I'm in a frenzy and have been crouched over the machine like a mad woman finishing UFOs. Only 6 weeks until the "Public Haniging at The Patch and I have heaps still to finish if I'm going to exhibit all I've planned to.

So this is today's favourite treasure.
A ladder.
I love this ladder, especially the detailed hinge.
I'm pretty sure it's made of Oregon and I know it's English but that's all I know about it.

In a past life the bloke ran a junk shop, he sold a lot of bric a brac, a few antiques and plenty of collectable hand tools. Sometimes I would be allowed to go with him to auctions, just to act as quality controller of course!
A man with an auction number is a dangerous thing.
This ladder sold for way too much money but what could I do? I was in love.

More Tuesday Treasure over at Clare's blog.

It's Nearly Time To Say Goodbye................
............To The Flat Princess.

She's been here at Charlotte's Cottage in Western Australia. She's seen the sights, met some of my friends and had lots of fun but now she must move on. If you'd like her to visit you email me here and I'll send her packing to the first blogger who gives me their SMA.

She accompanied me to my Dr's appointment and admired the view.

We looked out over the ocean together on a breezy Spring morning.

She loved the sun glinting off the water at the marina. Not many boats in there 'cos it's not Lobster fishing season until November.................

but we did find this giant Lobster at the entrance to town.

This historical flour mill is being renovated by a very clever and brave family.
Wouldn't it be fun to live in a 4 storey flour mill?
The door looks just the right size for FP in this pic.

Our town is famous for the magnificent Moreton Bay fig trees lining the main street. FP felt like she was in a magical land amongst the huge roots.

I hope Flat Princess enjoyed her visit to Charlotte's Cottage as much as I enjoyed having her.

Her Bags Are Packed

She's ready to go. Flat princess is heading off to Louise in Maine, USA tomorrow. You can keep up with her travels here.


  1. I just love seeing all of the places where she has visited. This is such a great way to know about where our fellow bloggers live.

    Those are BIG tree trunks!!!! I love the marina and all of the interesting sights. Wish that I had been able to fit in her suitcase and travel with her.

    Safe journey to the FP as she heads off to Maine.

  2. What a wonderful idea! I helped a friend once participate in a "Flat Hanna" project for her niece. Even took her down the slide at the Indianapolis Children's Museum. How fun.

  3. She looked quite at home helping the ladies with that quilt, I think she's done that before!! hehe It sounds and looks like she had a wonderful visit with Sue and now I look forward to reading what she's been up to in Maine:-) xoxo