Saturday, June 12, 2010

Globe Trotting Flat Doll, Come And Join Her Adventures

Journey To The Post Office

The Making Of Flat Girl

I'm so excited about this post. After one comment and several emails from a previous post (and other blog) I'm sending my flat doll on a travelling adventure all the way to California, Woohoo! It was really I think Needled Mom's idea, she most certainly planted the seed. Apparently a lot of the children in her part of the globe do a very similar thing. I'll get to it shall I?
Anyone can be a part of the fun, to participate all you need to do is visit the blogger who is providing accommodation for the flat dolly. Regular Updates on her where abouts will be posted here so that you can easily visit her and her host.
I'll be starting with Needled Mom to get the ball rolling, she's already on her way and will be arriving at her new home hopefully pretty soon.
The host/hostess of the blog and flat dolly will hold a give away style competition to select who will be her (dolly) next guardian.
The duration for accommodating the flat dolly will be two weeks, allowing enough time to have a play, hold a give away and then send her on to her next destination.
During the flat doll's time as your guest, you might like to take pictures of her holiday, perhaps it's a working holiday? Maybe she's baking, gardening, sewing or partying. I'm sure whatever activity she shares with you it will be a lot of fun.
Should you be the lucky person hanging out with the flat dolly, don't forget to post and share with everyone the good times (or not so good times) you've had. To keep track of the flat dolly my email and blog address has been written on the back of her so that pictures etc. can be sent to me to keep people current with where she's at.
I'll let you know as when she reaches Needled Mom, so that everyone here (reading) can participate in what I think will be a very exciting adventure!
I know it seems a little mean that I haven't given her a name, I did have a couple in mind but I had enough fun making her and thought I would let others name her.
The flat doll has come quite prepared for her big adventure and comes with a duffel bag full of life's necessities including a good book and in her other arm she carries a warm jacket for those chilly days and nights. I hope everyone gets to have some fun with this. xo