Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Adventures in Southern California

It was with great delight that I was allowed to entertain the Flat Princess in our home.  Having left her home in the winter months, I was hoping to show her lots of California sunshine.  Unfortunately, June is our "gloomy" month where our weather is influenced by the ocean air.  We did, however, have a wonderful time showing her around with lots of family events.

She arrived just in time to taste her first champagne at my nephew's wedding.  We did keep an eagles eye on her  so that she didn't have too much fun, but did I miss her dancing on the table????

The next morning we were off  to a luncheon celebrating my 45th high school reunion.

Of course she had to go pick her fruit for her freshly squeezed orange juice each morning.

There is always yard work to do and she managed to find her way into helping me divide and transplant my iris.  Can you find her????

Of course we had to go see Toy Story 3 with our wild 3D glasses when the movie was released.  We took a few of the grandchildren along with us.

There was lots of fabric shopping.  She loved it as much as I do.

Oh.....there was the Southern California Quilt Run going on and she was the hit of the party.  She even got to get up close and personal with the raffle quilt when store owner, Eileen, lifted her for a picture to remember her trip.

She seemed pretty amazed when I introduced her to the spinners and weavers on their 40th anniversary open house.

I want to extend great thanks to Nerine for allowing her journey to start with me.  Nerine did an incredible job in making the Flat Princess and allowing her to go on this wonderful, wonderful adventure.  I know that she will have such a fabulous year of traveling about and I will be most excited to see where her adventures take her.  I only wish that I could squeeze into her suitcase and go along for the ride.   I would love to be able to read her account of what she will see and things she will do.  It would truly be a dream trip for any of us.

Please be sure to check her out at Pea's Corner which is where she will be for the next few weeks.  I know that Pea will entertain her until she drops!  Don't forget to sign up at Pea's if you would like to have the elegant and sophisticated Flat Princess visit you next.

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